ISO 3834 Certified Quality System for SOLDERING

We are talking about mandatory UNI EN ISO 3834 Certification, in accordance with DM NTC08, for all metal carpentry shops working on industrial structures. UNI EN ISO 3834 certifies that MR FERRO delivers quality soldering. This type of certification is addressed to a welding company and cannot replace the ISO 9001 one. It actually completes it when it comes to metal carpentry companies such as ours.
Thanks to all the specific certifications in our field, the entire order, from design to final testing, undergoes a very deep quality control.



Certified ISO 9001 Quality System

The acronyms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 identify a series of international rules and guidelines for the ISO system. They set the requirements for a quality management system to lead all processes, increase the efficiency and the quality of metal carpentry, increasing customer satisfaction.


Transformation Center N. 3228/14

Law 14/01/2008 defines The Transformation Center a plant outside the production plant and the yard, receiving basic elements (such as bars, rolls, beams, sheets, tubes) from the steel producer, then building structural elements ready to be tiled. With this system anything entering the yard or any other plant can easily be traced and tracked down and must comply with some well defined standards.



EN 1090 Manufacturer Certification for Steel Structures

UNI EN 1090 is a mandatory certification since July 2014 for all those producing steel structural components. This type of certification is recognized Europe wide. What is certified here is the capacity of a company to produce carpentry material complying with all required quality characteristics. The law EN 1090-1:2009/EC 1-2011 “Steel and aluminum structures, requirement for conformity assessment of the structural components” describes requirements and lays down detailed rules governing the affixing of the CE marking.



CE Marking of Gates

Industrial and private gates and doors for vehicle or people access must be marked since May 1st 2005. When such products are on the market, they must bear an EC Declaration of Conformity in accordance with Directive 89/106/CEE CPD. A label with the CE symbol and some essential information must be placed on the side.